Hochauflösende Kameraeinrichtung optimiert für gepresste und montierte Makroobjekte

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Workstation with high resolution camera for digitalisation of herbarium sheets

Usnea_2012-08-30.jpg Usnea_2012-07-10.png Kamera_f%C3%BCr_gepresste_und_montierte_Makroobjekte_2012-07-10.jpg Hochaufl%C3%B6sende_Kameraeinrichtung_optimiert_fuer_gepresste_und_montierte_Makroobjekte_2012-07-10.jpeg Astragalus_fuhsii_2012-07-10.jpg Tinnea_antiscorbutica_2012-08-30_a.jpg

Camera Hardware

LEAF Aptus-II 12R 80 Megapixel digital back, Linhof Techno camera, Schneider Electronic Shutter with Shutter Control ES unit


Elinchrom BX 500 Ri flash with Elinchrom Rotalux 26178 diffusor, styrofoam reflector plate

Digitization workstation - computer hardware and software

Quad-core IBM-PC running 64 Bit Windows 7, 8 GB RAM, high-end graphics card, firewire 800 extension card, barcode scanner. CaptureOne software for image processing.

Digitizing server infrastructure

Storage server for images, image web publication server, web server, database server.

Digitizing workflow

  • Specimen is placed on reproduction table along with color checker and scale bar.
  • Barcode scan.
  • Placement of styrofoam reflector plate.
  • Capturing.
  • Image is cropped and then by click automatically processed to a TIF located on the image server using predefined processing recipies.
  • The whole procedure takes between 1 and 2 minutes, the average is at least 1,5 minutes.

Contact persons

Florian Turini (until mid 2014), Dr. Hans-Joachim Esser


Problem: Firewire connectivity issues.

Digitization station optimized following the recommendations of JSTOR Global Plants with online documents under JSTOR Plant Science: Global Plant Help & Support, JSTOR Plant Science Handbook and Appendices (documents no longer available, status 2018).

JSTOR Global Plants Overview - Video 2016

Size of the tif images: 200-250 TB